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Ski Tour Canada Wrap Up

The first days here in Canmore were particularly tough on my body. I was completely wrecked from the 16km skate race in Quebec and to add to that fatigue was a long travel day straight afterwards. I think it was the altitude which really made things dramatically worse! Successful racing at altitude requires good preparation […]


The trip from Finland to Ottawa, Canada was unfortunately far from smooth but I suppose looking back at our travel histories, what can you really expect? Upon arrival in Ottawa (which was the equivalent of 5am Finnish time) I was dealt with a lost ski bag courtesy of the airlines along with no transport to […]

OW Glove Support!

Gloves are always a product that skiers generally go through in rapid fashion! I however seem to have the knack of going through even more standard and as a result I have often decided to rollerski and ski in warm conditions without gloves. This means an initially painful process of toughening up the hands, however […]

Travel Day Done Right!

Travel days, as you may have figured from a previous post, are frequently troublesome for us boys. Maybe our trip to Estonia was enough bad luck to last us a while because the trip went almost unbelievably smoothly! I was quite certain that we hadn’t paid for bags in our air tickets but luck was so […]


Mexican Cuisine has always been a bit of a favourite of mine, however when traveling, it is often hard to find! Here is Enchiladas cooked my way – just slightly different to what you may have previously experienced, but I’m going to be arrogant here and claim that it’s an absolute winner! Despite what you […]

BeefnBeetroot Burgers

These burgers will not only satisfy a raging hunger, but will leave you struggling to comprehend how something so healthy can taste this good! Beetroots are great for athletes as they contain a ton of nitrates which act as vasodilators. Essentially they increase the size of the blood vessels to allow more oxygen flow. Additionally, […]

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