Blog # 4 – The Training Effect

As any athlete will tell you, luck plays a huge part in all aspects of training and racing, however the past week and a bit I have experienced a particularly  unlucky streak. Its amazing how you can go from have 2 years without a crash on the rollerskis to having 2 monumental ones within 10 days of one-another! So first one was last Wednesday doing Level 3 skate intervals. Was just the standard pole between the skis procudure however with larger consequences. Broken left thumb through the upper joint and damaged cartilage in the right wrist meant I was rather frustrated by the outcome!


Unfortunately however this was only the start of my frustrations. Back into training the following day and with only legs readily available to train with, I limited myself further by rolling my ankle whilst running. The only fortunate part of the outcome was that it wasnt too severe and riding was still possible. So for the next few days I spent long hours perfected those tanlines you saw earlier!

With the thumb feeling slightly better and secure in a cast and the physio giving me the all clear to use my wrist again I jumped back on the rollerskis yesterday with no real implications. This uneventful streak did not last long however as today I hit the deck once again. A fast downhill with a stick (or should I say branch for enhanced drama) blowing off a tree combined with my delayed response to jump resulted in my large donation to the road’s surface! The thumb was amazingly left unscathed however all the work done to settle down my wrist has been undone! Hopefully the next few days see a change in fortune, I’m quickly becoming tired of the unpleasant sensation of pain!