Welcome back Tanlines!

So after a good few weeks off training I have been gradually easing into a nice endurance and general strength program. The break was well needed – it was such a long European Season and despite enjoying it thoroughly, my body definitely started to protest against any inclinations of high end intensity towards the end! So I can safely say I really enjoyed just lazing back for a while and trying to soak up as much of the remaining warmth and sun from the summer that I just missed entirely! Unfortunately however, University did what it is extremely good at and smacked me back into the realisation of just how busy I am when I’m not cruising around Europe, only worrying about food, racing, training and not really too much else!

4-5 weeks is as long as this lazy lifestyle really lasts each year for me, so now it is time to cranck things up again – slowly at first of course, but I am definitely ready to start hammering out some quality sessions. It is almost like an addiction and it already feels good to get back into the swing of things. While the weather has still been good I have loved getting back out on the bike and now the tan-lines are back to their full definition!

With the Easter Break comes my first real opportunity to go back home to Jindabyne in almost right on 6months! I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time and its going to feel great to get out of the city,  and rock out some sweet sessions in the area I love most!

Now that my life has returned back to the normal training focused state, I will continue to update every now and then, but realistically only when there is something cool, exciting or shocking to share. Thankfully however, my life is usually far too eventful for my liking. I’ll keep you posted