A Yearning to Finish

It turns out that for the past few weeks my life has been remarkably similar to a tough race. It has been uncomfortable, fast paced, ridiculously fatiguing and I have the same burning desire to just get it finished. With University biting particularly hard with a pile of assessments all at once, a rise in training volume and also working to try and earn a bit of cash, there has been little time to sleep let alone do anything remotely relaxing. I have just finished my last computing assignment which introduced me to the horrible world of coding, however I have very mixed emotions. To all of those who have listened to my rants about my love, or lack thereof, for computers you would get the idea of just how painful this computing course has been so far. I am not over-exaggerating when I say this, it literally took my upwards of 25 hours to finish this assessment. There were 2-3hour periods were I would try so many different things and just not get anywhere. Now this is what I find incredibly frustrating – at least with training you know that you will get benefits and be rewarded for your efforts, however with this, it crushes your motivation and steals hours of your time, often with no further progression in life except for a nasty headache! So  there’s my rant out of the way. Really I shouldn’t complain too much, I am only at University (properly) for 10 weeks of the year so it’s just a matter of dealing with it.

The training has been going surprisingly well despite this far from ideal schedule that surrounds it. I am keeping large volumes and introducing some low level intensity which is feeling really good.  Thankfully, my motivation is really high at this point which is definitely the only thing that is enabling me to maintain a solid program. I am really exciting to get these exams out of the way so that I can set all of my priorities towards the training once again. Despite already missing the quickly evading warm, Winter couldn’t come quicker! I had my little bit of summer with 5days down the Coast with an awesome group of mates including skiers; Alex Almoukov, Paul Kovacs and ‘Philthy’ Phill Bellingham. I actually learnt to surf which was something I’ve wanted to do for so long and in all it was a perfect break, and desperately needed!

I am still enjoying the long rides, despite the traffic and unpleasant km’s ridden to tube changing ratio here in Sydney. Spring is going to bring some great riding down in the mountains so I am already hanging out for that. In terms of training changes, I am trying a few different things with my strength and power program so it should be exciting to see what these changes bring. This coming week is a lot nicer in terms of University hours so I look forward to a heavy training week with a bit more relaxation in between. Hopefully keep you posted again soon.