AUS Winter Summary

As a whole, the 2011 Australian Winter season was a rewarding
and positive experience which is a very motivating way to head into another
European racing season. I was happy with my form in almost every race and as
explained in my previous report, the approach of minimal high end intensity and
large volume seemed to have minor effect on my racing performances. This is
very positive feedback for me as it means that my overall European racing
preparation has benefited largely as a result.

To give a summary of results for the season, I won four out
of the five National Championship events, and won the overall Australian / New
Zealand Continental Cup series for the 2nd consecutive year. With New
Zealand’s 15km Classic Conti Cup definitely the highlight of the season, the most
personally rewarding race of the season was actually the Hoppet Night Sprints.
This year was something different with a very short (300m) head to head barrel
race format creating quite an exciting event. For a very long time I was
convinced that I was strictly an endurance athlete. A Wombat could probably still
beat me in a 100m running sprint and originally I thought I probably was
probably little better the skis as well. I definitely lack the body build and
presence of fast twitch fibres required to become a sprint specialist, however
gradually I have learnt to move faster and to be able to have a win on such a
short course really did mean a lot to me. It now gives me no excuse when it
comes to other sprint races, and will further increase my confidence leading
into World Cup sprints.

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