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Blog # 6 – Gallivare WC

To sum up, Gallivare is cold and very dark, but even with these far from comforting factors it’s been quite enjoying skiing and racing here. I arrived on Thursday at mid-day and getting off the plane at -22°C was a bit of a shock, but this was nothing compared with trying to ski later that […]

Blog # 5 – Banter with the Brits!

So the last few weeks in AUS were actually quite good. My unlucky streak fortunately ended and with this I had a very productive few weeks. My thumb and wrist caused a few issues here and there but overall I was very happy with the training I got in before I left. I have now […]

Blog # 4 – The Training Effect

As any athlete will tell you, luck plays a huge part in all aspects of training and racing, however the past week and a bit I have experienced a particularly  unlucky streak. Its amazing how you can go from have 2 years without a crash on the rollerskis to having 2 monumental ones within 10 […]

Blog #3 Endless Hours in the Sun

Finally I have found some decent health! For the two and a bit weeks following the Hoppet I have been struggling to shrug off quite a nasty sickness, however with a bit of a break I now feel 100% and have just had probably one of the most enjoyable yet toughest endurance week of my […]

Blog #2 – Winter Review

Sorry for the briefness of this report, however since I’ve on just gotten around to getting this site up and running I will have to summarise the whole Aussie Winter to quite a large extent. As a whole I was very happy with my performance during the season. It started off quite slow with a […]

Blog #1 Welcome

Welcome to the new website. The main purpose of this site is to effectively keep everyone updated on my racing and training progress as we advance towards Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics and beyond. This website building is all very new to me so I apologise in advance for any errors and blandness. I will endevour […]