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Stage 4 – 16km Skate Pursuit Start

Stage 4’s Pursuit was definitely one of the toughest race I’ve ever experienced. With the race being run on a 4km lap, and our 30 athlete strong wave starting 5min behind the leader, there wasn’t a whole lot of time to waste before you could be potentially lapped off and pulled out of the tour […]

Stage 3 – Quebec City Sprint

After a pretty unlucky second stage, today completely made up for it. The Sprint course set for today was incredibly challenging. Any 1.8km sprint is tough, however when you factor in most of the rest being in the first part of the lap, it becomes a very hard thing to pace well. I was stressed […]

Ski Tour Canada Stage 1

Today was the opening stage of the World Cup’s Ski Tour Canada. After my somewhat abysmal performance in my first World Cup sprint in Lahti, I was determined to prove that I can do better. I still can’t expect much with no sprint training all year, however I managed to pull out one of my […]

Ski Tour Canada Opening

Yesterday we moved into World Cup Accommodation and despite the food being rather sub-par, the rooms are right up there! Last night, the World Cup’s Ski Tour Canada was officially opened. We were the first nation called onto stage and the warm greeting was quite an experience! Today was the first day that we were […]


The trip from Finland to Ottawa, Canada was unfortunately far from smooth but I suppose looking back at our travel histories, what can you really expect? Upon arrival in Ottawa (which was the equivalent of 5am Finnish time) I was dealt with a lost ski bag courtesy of the airlines along with no transport to […]

OW Glove Support!

Gloves are always a product that skiers generally go through in rapid fashion! I however seem to have the knack of going through even more standard and as a result I have often decided to rollerski and ski in warm conditions without gloves. This means an initially painful process of toughening up the hands, however […]

Lahti World Cup

I would much prefer to do shorter posts with more photos however unfortunately due to no race photos actually being taken, that is not the way this one is going to go! Instead I will just use another picture taken from World Cup races in Falun – the weather was good and the photographer is a […]

Travel Day Done Right!

Travel days, as you may have figured from a previous post, are frequently troublesome for us boys. Maybe our trip to Estonia was enough bad luck to last us a while because the trip went almost unbelievably smoothly! I was quite certain that we hadn’t paid for bags in our air tickets but luck was so […]

Falun 15km Mass start World Cup

Traditionally I haven’t really enjoyed mass start races at World Cup level, however yesterday was simply fun! I started well, and found myself in the bunch feeling quite relaxed. With the pace starting to lift, other skiers began dropping off and gradually I too lost contact with the lead bunch however found myself in the mix […]