World Cup Selection and a New Sponsor!

Today is a travel day, as we are heading to Estonia. Not a bad day for travel either considering it is +1 degree C and snowing heavily! The good news is that I have been given starting rights to Falun World Cup, where I will compete in both distance events in 2 weekends time. I will then travel to Lahti and compete in the World Cup there and then onto Canada for the first ever Canadian World Cup Tour. I have always wanted to see progression in my skiing and I have therefore been working hard to develop in many areas that have previously been my weaknesses. This has meant taking a back seat with races for a good part of the season, but now the hard work is done and I am ready to turn these improvements into results.


To go with this good news is the announcement of a new sponsor! Just last week I was officially invited to become a part of Team ‘Out There’. The values and ideals of this company are astounding and makes me excited to be part of the Team. So get Out There,  check ’em out and have a look at the bio they are done for me: Out There

Further details about this support will be posted soon on my upcoming ‘Support’ Page