Ski Tour Canada Opening

Yesterday we moved into World Cup Accommodation and despite the food being rather sub-par, the rooms are right up there!

2016-02-28 14.32.56

Last night, the World Cup’s Ski Tour Canada was officially opened. We were the first nation called onto stage and the warm greeting was quite an experience!


Today was the first day that we were allowed to train on the first stage’s course – a 1.7km sprint loop. Finally this tour is kicking off and I’m feeling well and truly ready for it! The course is actually reasonably hilly for a city sprint and with minimal rest, this is going to be one killer of a sprint! Luckily, the vibe in City sprints is really sweet with lost of people usually coming to watch so that will certainly help get us through. I’m excited to try and find some of my better sprint form like what I had in Estonia about 1 month back.

2016-02-29 11.56.50

Intervals and an explosion

Today’s training was a tough interval session in the morning with Japanese Skier and DSA member Akira Lenting. Unfortunately it has been ridiculously warm again for the past 2 days here in Falun and the once perfect race trails are beginning to suffer. Race organisers are doing everything to preserve the courses and this means no heavy machine grooming in these warm temperatures. What this means is that the classic tracks are melted out and hard as an ice skating rink! Skiing in general is not the easiest, but keeping up with one mighty strong Japanese lad in 5min intervals is bloody tough!

Due to the lovely Swedish weather offering more light rain to cool us off in this tropical climate, I didn’t risk the phone getting drowned so no photos were taken. But that’s probably a good thing, because honestly it’s beginning to look a little sad out there. The other unpleasant thing about warm weather and icy conditions is that klister is the only option for classic skiing. I have always hated klister, but after today’s latest explosion, I hate it that little bit more…


Interval Training with DSA

Today was a tough interval session on the World Cup race loop with Dala Sports Academy. These sessions are always painful and this one was no different! Heart rates were surprisingly low, but the power and speed was right up there so I’m hoping that’s a good sign!

The layout: 5mins at threshold, 2 X 30,30’s (30 seconds race pace, 30 seconds easy), 5mins at threshold. Gradually I’m feeling even more control in my skiing at speed and with all these sessions on the race loop, I’m gonna know exactly how hard I can push and where seconds can be gained!


Photo Cred: Mattias Nilsson

L2 Classic on ‘Murderbacken’ World Cup Race course

Today I am mostly going to let the photos do the talking. The waxing was actually difficult to get right in the morning (as you can see from the first shot), but after that was dealt with there were no other complaints. This morning’s session was a 3*5km loops at 5km on the loop that will be used for the World Cup while this afternoon was an easy 1.5hr skate. All photo credit: Teresa Riman


IMG_49441 IMG_49451 IMG_49461 IMG_49431

Back to Training and a New Sponsor!!

So after a wet weekend in Estonia, it was quite nice to get back to Falun where it snowed quite a lot overnight! The session this morning was an easy going L1 Skate with a few shorter speeds. Not the fastest of snow (fresh wet snow never is) but quite an enjoyable none-the-less!

2016-02-02 11.13.31

This afternoon, another gym and run combo session, but what is really nice about the structure of this season is that I have managed to maintain all of my strength so far! Usually this drops off significantly, however I think the new approach has worked a treat!

The day ended well with one of the companies that I have been corresponding with confirming a sponsorship deal! The hard work I have been putting in is starting to pay off and I now have an official clothes sponsor! Details will be posted shortly, so stay tuned 😉 #SouthNordic



If you read my latest life blog, you will understand why today I was feeling a little on the tired. After a long travel I tested skis and was Stoked to discover that the new transparent base skis are amazing in this rain effected snow! This fills a huge gap that was in my fleet of skis and should be perfect for tomorrow’s Estonian National’s Skate Sprint.

The training was relatively easy, just a 6min threshold, followed by 2 x 3mins of threshold going into sprint pace. Hopefully I can freshen up a little for tomorrow

World Cup Selection and a New Sponsor!

Today is a travel day, as we are heading to Estonia. Not a bad day for travel either considering it is +1 degree C and snowing heavily! The good news is that I have been given starting rights to Falun World Cup, where I will compete in both distance events in 2 weekends time. I will then travel to Lahti and compete in the World Cup there and then onto Canada for the first ever Canadian World Cup Tour. I have always wanted to see progression in my skiing and I have therefore been working hard to develop in many areas that have previously been my weaknesses. This has meant taking a back seat with races for a good part of the season, but now the hard work is done and I am ready to turn these improvements into results.


To go with this good news is the announcement of a new sponsor! Just last week I was officially invited to become a part of Team ‘Out There’. The values and ideals of this company are astounding and makes me excited to be part of the Team. So get Out There,  check ’em out and have a look at the bio they are done for me: Out There

Further details about this support will be posted soon on my upcoming ‘Support’ Page