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This is the first of the ‘Life’ posts and I hope it gives a good indication of what type of content to expect in the future. Skiing is good to write about particularly when things are going well, however it becomes quite dull especially when things aren’t really going the way they should. Besides, I can understand how reading about just the training and competition side of athlete blogs can be bland. It gives a false impression as to what (most of) our lives really are like! So here is a category completely unrelated and as you will soon learn, I have a few other interests, some perhaps stronger than others.

This first post, as many of you who know me well may have been expecting, is about cars. One particular car in fact, which earned the name Momo. Of course, I’m a car lover and this is a car I loved. An original edition Subaru WRX and in my eyes, still the best one produced.

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The reason for writing about Momo is that is a perfect display of what a small sum of money can buy if you take the time to snoop out a bargain. I am completely against buying new cars for the simple reason of it being too consuming. A lot of energy, time and workmanship is put into making a car so to be renewing one every year or two with amazingly terrible depreciation rates is just something that doesn’t make sense to me. So here is a mission of mine to show people there are very cheap and still very good cars on the used car market with lots of life left in them!

I sold my old Subaru Liberty in early 2015. The main reason was because I was studying full time and mixing it with training and doing coaching work to earn money. Essentially I found very little time to do things that I enjoyed, so why not buy a car that would make me happy every time I had to drive somewhere. The liberty was sold for $3800 and Momo was bought for $4100. Not a big deal of difference!

When you go to buy a used car you have to either know enough about them to look for potential flaws (and reasons why the seller is potentially wanting to get rid of the car). It’s either that, or have a friend who does have the knowledge come with you or book the car in for a pre-purchase inspection. Luckily, my Dad taught me a lot about cars and I like to think that I know what to look for. Main point is, don’t buy a car without it being checked thoroughly.

15 years ago my Dad bought me these Olympic Edition number plates. To me they are very special gift.

15 years ago my Dad bought me these Olympic Edition number plates. To me they are very special gift.

Momo had a lot of work done to the engine before I purchased the car and this is something else to look for. Often people don’t appreciate the money that goes into this type of work, hence why the prices are still low in some cases. This was a great example of that, with having a complete head refurbishment to both heads along with all engine seals being replaced. Surely, that gives some peace of mind that the engine aspect of the car should be pretty sound for some time to come. Momo also had some tasteful modifications which included fully adjustable (height, camber and dampening) suspension, short shift gear box, pioneer sound system and a Hi-tec Exhuast (nothing too loud or menacing). All of which together cost more than the car was bought for!


In the snow with a boot full of skis is the kind of conditions this car found itself in and it handled every moment beautifully. On a mountain road,  this car was in it’s element. For an 18 year old car, You really need to drive one to understand how well developed these cars were for their time! And for those who are by this point growling with frustration over how bad this car is for the environment, it may not be exactly what you’d expect! Achieving 7.4L/100km on the motorway is not so bad at all even by today’s standards and was even better efficiency than my stock liberty….

After enjoying the car for almost 9months, the car was then sold for $5250 to fund this year’s international competition season. A fair win to say the least. I hope you enjoyed this alternative style of post and that it gives some insight on the bargains available in the used car market.

Another handy hint: If you are in need of new tyres but don’t want to spend the money on brand new ones, search for your car’s model of wheels on ebay and gumtree. People are always upgrading wheels and don’t know what to do with their stock ones which often have really good tyres on them. I sold my old rims for $180 with bald tyres and bought another set with almost new tyres for $250.

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