A Short Trip to Stockholm

I have spent a lot of time in Sweden over the last 2 years, however have unfortunately kept all touristy things to a minimum until now. We decided to travel down and meet Teresa’s Aunt and cousins on Saturday morning after I had completed a pretty cold and slow 2.5hr ski that I wrote about in the ski blog. It was only for a day and a half, however it was exactly the kind of break we needed!

2016-01-17 11.32.41

Their apartment was amazingly comfortable and welcoming and it was so fun to meet some more of Teresa’a relatives. I come from a family with very few relatives, and Teresa is quite the opposite. But I can certainly say it is so enjoyable getting to experience that sort of family life a little more.

2016-01-17 11.29.53

We went for a boat ride from where they lived, closer to the city centre and then walked along the waterfront going into a couple of museums, shops and whilst learning a little more about the history of the place. That’s the other big difference between European countries and Australia. We have such minimal history as a result of being such a young country, whereas these cities have so much history being them. It all can be seen in the buildings alone. I didn’t take too many photos, mainly because I was quite happy just keeping my hand in my gloves on the day. But travelling on the boat, breaking through the ice was something I had never done but really enjoyed! I think Stockholm definitely needs a visit in summer though where it sounds like the place really offers some amazing things to do and see!

Teresa hopefully feeling as though it's worth dealing with the cold wind on the top deck

Teresa hopefully feeling as though it’s worth dealing with the cold wind on the top deck


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