Out There Nordic is a store based out of Wisconsin, USA. What sets this Nordic store above the rest is their key values and ideals. They possess an incredible Family and Team spirit and have the key focus of just encouraging more people around the world to get “out there” and enjoy the sport of cross country skiing. What an unbeatable approach! Have a look at their website to see what I mean: www.outthereshop.com


They set an athlete group called ‘Team Out There’ and I was very proud to be named on this team at the start of the year. What they offer is promotional support over social media to create more positive exposure to our results and efforts. They also work with us to formulate effective ways to fundraise which goes a long way to help make our athletic careers possible. Currently I am working on a few different ideas with the Out There crew that will not only help with personal fundraising, but will also give back to the ski community. I am excited to put some of these ideas into action very soon so please watch this space for updates on the progression of these plans.