Pesto Gnocchi

Here is a quick, easy and healthy meal that you can whip up in under 20mins.

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  • Caramelise 1 brown onion
  • Cut rind off bacon and into small pieces before adding to the onion and fry to desired level crispyness
  • Take the bacon/onion mixture and place onto paper towel to soak up unwanted fats from the bacon
  • With a pot of water boiling, add fresh gnocci and cook for the recommended time on package
  • Whilst this is cooking, finely dice red onion, cherry tomatoes, and fresh feta (or saladost if you are in Sweden – it’s up there with one of their best creations!)
  • Drain the cooked gnocci and stir through your favourite style of pesto (amount depends on how much zing you like to go for! My recommendation, just add small amounts and keep tasting until your happy).
  • Place a down a bed of fresh baby spinach, pour a generous serving of gnocci onto the spinach and then add the mix of chopped salad and cheese.
  • Enjoy with a refreshing drink – because it was Christmas, we had the Swedish Christmas special – Jul Must.
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