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View coming in to land in Iceland

The trip from Finland to Ottawa, Canada was unfortunately far from smooth but I suppose looking back at our travel histories, what can you really expect? Upon arrival in Ottawa (which was the equivalent of 5am Finnish time) I was dealt with a lost ski bag courtesy of the airlines along with no transport to my accommodation… The lack of car came about because the car hire company didn’t even have a desk at the airport. They never actually tell you that and they are suppose to be there for when your flight arrives to drive you to their depot directly. When no-one is there to do so, their cunning, shady operation quickly falls apart, particularly when their ’24hr phone number’ goes straight to message bank every time! After a $60 taxi ride, I was not a happy customer. With a free upgrade to this beast, along with free insurance for the duration of the rent, I suppose it makes up for the inconvenience somewhat.

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After badgering Air Canada for 3 days straight, I finally received my ski bag. So training for those first few days with a mixed array of equipment was certainly not ideal, but with great skiing conditions here in Canada it was hard to be too upset.

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I really knew I couldn’t be too upset with my situation when 3 days after I arrived, Phil had only just made it in…. He got caught in the unstable weather and managed to get an unlucky sequence of cancelled, delayed and almost crash landing flights for those 3 days straight! After all safely arriving, training and preparation for the Tour went really well and it was a great time staying with our generous hosts, the Allain family.

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