Faff, Followed by a 2hr Classic with Speeds

So the Faff part – today the boys were hopeless! I went to pick Jacko, Philpot and Dakota up from close to where they are staying and seems like it must have just been one of those days for all of them. Jacko had forgotten his sunglasses (pretty painful when eye balls freeze over on the downs at -21), but then I look at Philpot’s set up. Classic boots and skate skis… Nice mate! Whilst everyone is having a laugh at Philpot, Dakota then starts searching in his bag to discover he forgot his boots entirely! After a bit of a cursing, laughing and running around town, all was resolved, well almost… Phil still forgot his sunglasses…..

Anyway I can’t complain or laugh too hard because I’m usually the one that is the worst of the lot! I like to think I’m on the improve 🙂

2016-01-22 10.11.11

Once we were finally skiing it was amazing! Yeah, we had to re-wax a couple of times because the cold aggressive snow was ripping all the wax from our skis in less than 10kms but even still,  the perfectly prepared courses here in Falun just make training that much better! Always nice to have Teresa out there also enjoying the conditions with me – not a bad day to get off work 🙂


Today was just 2hr classic with 10X20s speeds to try and get the body activated and working efficiently at speed ahead of this weekend’s races. Just small, fun, local races with tomorrow’s 9km skate in Avesta and a 10km classic in Hedemora. Good short races to really trial higher pace setting ahead of some pretty serious racing coming up!

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