UNSW Athlete of the Year

The University of New South Wales has been my primary personal supporter ever since I commenced studying Environmental Engineering back in 2009. The UNSW Elite athlete program offers huge support which helps me to work my way around fitting in part time study into a busy training and racing schedule. In addition to this they are currently my largest  financial supporter which goes directly towards my European racing season expenses and therefore has had a huge impact on my level of progression to date.

Upon returning to Australia in late March, the University held its annual Blues and Sporting Awards Dinner. This year I was honored to receive my first Sporting Blue, however was also privileged enough to make the response to the toast on behalf of all blues winners. That night I also received one of my proudest awards of my career by becoming UNSW male athlete of the Year. The University has a very large number of very high profile athletes and consequently this has always been an award that I have aspired towards for a long while which makes it a special achievement for me.

So thanks UNSW for another amazing year!

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