Since 2009 UNSW has been my primary personal financial sponsor. Most larger universities put all focus on the larger sports, with team sports taking highest priority. UNSW through their Ben Lexcen Sports Scholarship system offers any elite athlete to apply for financial assistance throughout their degree. It is truly safe to say that none of my World Cup competition schedules would have been possible without the assistance from UNSW. I need to also give a special thanks to the UNSW Sports Co-ordinator, Helen Bryson. The work she has done to find more funding and approach course co-ordinators urging them to allow me to spend large amounts of time away from campus is somewhat miraculous. To me and many other sporting scholars, she is so vital to our success.

Callum BlueUNSW Blues Dinner 137

UNSW has also recognised my achievements and I couldn’t be more proud to have received the Male Athlete of the Year award twice throughout my degree along with the Blues award. There are many amazingly talented athletes that have studied at UNSW and to be named along side some of these sporting heroes is an incredible honour.

UNSW has a prestigious reputation for wide variety of degrees and I couldn’t recommend them enough to other athletes who are determined to succeed not only in their athletic careers, but academically as well. If you are interested in studying at UNSW, I’d be happy to answer any questions. Please also see there website on: www.unsw.edu.au