6th on DSA e-Cup

Today was back at it in the form of a 18km Skiathlon. Skiathlons are probably my favourite event and are the events where I have achieved personal bests at both World Cup and Olympic level. Today was no different! Finally I felt comfortable with my classic skiing and I went in Classic boots just to really ensure I gave myself every opportunity to stay as in control, and technically strong in the classic leg. With good skis, the things that we have been working on over the last few weeks have finally felt like they are coming together. For Mattias it’s probably been like trying to teach a kangaroo to walk instead of jump, but all credit to him as that is quite impossible! I thought the skate leg would have been compromised a little from the classic boot situation, however with perfectly prepared race track it wasn’t that noticeable. Not until afterwards at least where it felt like my stabilisation muscles had completely cooked out, but that’s all good for increasing balance and ski control anyway.


So the result was 6th place, feeling as though I was in the mix a little more. This certainly feels like a step in the right direction and with my season finally starting to come into some top level racing I’m satisfied as to how things are going.

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