9th in Estonian National Champs Sprint!

Today I was reminded of just how fun Sprint racing is! It made me really wish that I processed a few more fast twitch fibers so that I could actually one day be a good sprinter! There’s just a lot more glory in doing well in a sprint!

Today was my first sprint race of the season and I could certainly feel that in the prologue. I was nervous and just unsure of how my body would cope with the long 1800m course! I started well and stayed relaxed and efficient for the first half, but by the end it was as though I just forgot how to ski! I still had good energy, but I just haven’t done the training to stay technically strong with legs full of lactic acid. The prologue was good, but not my best. I placed 15th, a little over 12 seconds which was not my best but not too far off and certainly enough for me to qualify and go through to finals.

2016-01-30 13.44.29

The finals were much, much better. Probably even the best finals racing I have ever done! I had great energy for the duration of each heat and for once, I felt aggressive and found it fun fighting for positions. I got myself in a good position in the quarter final and made it through! This was unexpected, considering I would have to beat at least one person that was faster than me in the prologue.

2016-01-30 13.46.48-3

I then raced the semi-final and despite being ranked far worse than the others in the heat, I managed to really fight for positions spending most of the race in 3rd. By the end, my lack of finishing speed let me down a little but I was absolutely stoked to finish 9th overall! With next to no sprint training this year as a result of trying to progress in many areas of my distance skiing, I am quite amazed! I might actually try and see if we can incorporate a little more sprint training in my program for next year.

2016-01-30 14.32.04

The real hero of the day was Phil who absolutely crushed every heat and placed 3rd overall! Bloody stoked for him snagging his first podium of the season and showing some damn fast skiers how it’s done! This was all done on completely different boots and skis to what he is use to (as a result of his bag probably still being sent somewhere through Asia). Respect!

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