A Bit of a Challenging One

Today was certainly a little bit of a challenge. Didn’t kick of well when the joint session with DSA was cancelled because it was too cold and then got a whole lot worse when Teresa was driving to work driving Postis and the car decided to die on her…. So I had to race over there, swap cars and limp the old boy home! It was the intercooler again, but after a very late evening in at Bilfix (thanks to the Steen boys), where this time I pulled it apart completely, removed a 2 huge chuncks of ice and then completely dried out the intercooler, it runs like new once more! I should have down that the first time however didn’t have the tools, or the garage to work in at Ostersund. I’ll right a blog about it tomorrow and give the full details!

But just like any challenging day, it had it great parts too. After spending a good three hours working on the car, Teresa had prepared an amazing meal for me and made our home so amazingly comfortable to come back to. I did also get some good training in too! A light run in the morning while it was too cold and found some really nice trails that had been driven on making running quite nice!

2016-01-15 12.19.56

Then some tough 5X6min classic intervals, however the 1st and last minutes were at max. This is a sessions designed to try and make my body more alert and be able to respond and cope with a fast start. Exactly what I feel I need to be working at the present.


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