Can Wax Go Off? Mora Pinglan 10km Classic Pursuit

The question of the day was ‘can wax go off?’ Here is a photo of the Holmenkol mid block that we used as a top layer. This type of wax is suppose to be soft and able to be chalked onto the base. This block had gone so hard that it had to be chipped away, then crushed, then sprinkled onto the base and used like a powder. It didn’t take too long into the race to have that answer clearly answered with a definite yes. I have used these exact skis with the same Homenkol wax in the same conditons previously and they were rockets!

2016-01-03 12.54.59

With a pursuit start, it would have been ideal to catch the bunch that were all within 10s of me however all were double poling and that was clearly the better pick for the day. I understood that this would probably be the case even yesterday but I decided to use grip wax to prepare for next weekend’s Scandinavian Cup. I skied most of the race with Erik Persson who was one of the many with significantly faster skis than mine (he was on grip also)

Yesterday was tough, and although it was a flatter style of course it was difficult with minimal rest. You had to ski with aggression and power all the way and that took it’s toll on my body. Warming up today I was struggling to get my heart rate to rise in the efforts – for me that’s a sure sign of fatigue. I wanted to ski faster but just couldn’t find that top gear until the group that started just behind us caught up on the last lap. Then it felt good to stay with them and really push myself.

They were all double poling too, so I went for a break on the last final sharp climb to try and get away. It felt good and I gained quite a gap! Unfortunately it wasn’t quite enough and lost 1 position to finish in 12th, 2.59 behind the winner’s total time for both days.


My shape is there and I believe this weekend’s results  reflect that! Additonally, it now feels like winter is finally here which is a great feeling. Here is the first lot of sun after the fresh snow we received and  it shows what Sweden in Winter should really be like.

2016-01-03 12.40.06

Now onto recovery before the next races in Ostersund where I will race in the Scandinavian Cup.

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