Falun 15km Mass start World Cup

Traditionally I haven’t really enjoyed mass start races at World Cup level, however yesterday was simply fun! I started well, and found myself in the bunch feeling quite relaxed. With the pace starting to lift, other skiers began dropping off and gradually I too lost contact with the lead bunch however found myself in the mix with a good group of skiers. I worked hard on the second lap to gain more positions and felt as though maybe I’d pushed it a little too far with a lot of lactic acid building. Luckily Philpot, who had been skiing with me in that group began to pull me along a little to allow for some recovery which I desperately needed!


Photo Cred: Adam Johansson

Going onto the 3rd lap, I regained my energy and pushed my limits to gain a few more positions. It was a tough day with all the ski preparations once again (read my previous post in regards to our waxing setup for the weekend), however we managed to give ourselves skis that were competitive enough. That’s probably the most rewarding thing, to know that you didn’t have it anywhere near as easy and any other skier in that field, yet you still showed you deserve to be there. I was ranked 94th but placed 77th, just over 8% behind the winner’s time. This is my 2nd best ever percentage behind on World Cup and shows that my coaches plan of having me peak in the later season is really coming into effect!


Photo Cred: @Joersa

I’m excited for the World Cup’s to come in Lahti and Canada!

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