Intervals and an explosion

Today’s training was a tough interval session in the morning with Japanese Skier and DSA member Akira Lenting. Unfortunately it has been ridiculously warm again for the past 2 days here in Falun and the once perfect race trails are beginning to suffer. Race organisers are doing everything to preserve the courses and this means no heavy machine grooming in these warm temperatures. What this means is that the classic tracks are melted out and hard as an ice skating rink! Skiing in general is not the easiest, but keeping up with one mighty strong Japanese lad in 5min intervals is bloody tough!

Due to the lovely Swedish weather offering more light rain to cool us off in this tropical climate, I didn’t risk the phone getting drowned so no photos were taken. But that’s probably a good thing, because honestly it’s beginning to look a little sad out there. The other unpleasant thing about warm weather and icy conditions is that klister is the only option for classic skiing. I have always hated klister, but after today’s latest explosion, I hate it that little bit more…


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