Lahti World Cup

I would much prefer to do shorter posts with more photos however unfortunately due to no race photos actually being taken, that is not the way this one is going to go! Instead I will just use another picture taken from World Cup races in Falun – the weather was good and the photographer is a pro, so why not!


Photo cred: Adam Johansson

Saturday was my first sprint race back on World Cup since early last season. I have done close to no sprint training this year and I could really notice this in the tricky glazed conditions. Essentially, it felt like I reverted back to the technique I had back when I was 16! There’s no way you can ski fast looking like that and that’s exactly what the result shows. There’s much to work on with my sprinting, however that will be one of the focuses for next year. The positive to take from it was that my body actually felt really good and it was a good awakener for Sunday’s race.

30km skiathlon’s have been where I have seen my better results in the past. After last weekend, with a strong result in Falun, I had high hopes for Sunday’s race. Wet, fresh snow falling always creates tough waxing conditions for classic skis and yesterday was no different. I opted for zeros and due to having Randy back waxing for us, the skis were some of the best compared to some of the competitors around me. I started off relatively slowly, but worked into the race well finding a good pack to ski with. I was often leading this pack trying to catch up more skiers as they dropped off the main bunch. Here is a link to a video courtesy of Michael McClusky – Thanks for all the support out there guys:

By the time the skate leg came around I was in a comfortable position and our pack had broken up somewhat. I was now working with fellow DSA athlete Robin Norum and another Finnish athlete but we worked well together pulling in a couple more skiers. I felt better and better as the skate leg progressed, however by the final lap I could feel my arms beginning to cramp. No-one had perfect grip in the classic leg and my arms had suffered a bit as a result. I sent almost no power through my arms for most of that last lap until the final major climb where I decided to go for a break. Unfortunately that was ineffective and I ended up losing the sprint to both Robin and the other Finnish athlete. But with a final result of 65th, I feel quite satisfied with my performance.

Today we fly out to Canada and I know I have more good shape to come so I am excited to see what sort of result I can produce there.

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