Mora Pinglan 10km Skate

Today was the first race in 3 weeks since the races in Alvdalen. The races in Alvdalen went went, however training has been tough since then! Mattias is a hard man, although it may be the Christmas Period, why not train harder! Honestly, I was wrecked two days ago but gladly this morning my muscles finally felt more the way they should! I think I was even over excited for it, my reasoning is that I was having a hard time getting to sleep last night and I can’t really think of anything else I should be excited about!


I had tactics which I ordinarily wouldn’t choose – start fast and see if I can hold it together. Normally I’m slow at the start, too slow in fact and that is something that has to change. The first 2.5km felt good, and I splitted in 9th place, however starting that second lap is where I battled. Gladly I forced my way through it and settled into a solid rhythm to finish 11th. With no wax support, I can’t say the skis were even close to the best, however I was satisfied with what sort of rush job we did on them last night. Now I’m excited to see what tomorrow’s 10km classic brings with a hunting start. Most people will Double Pole, but I will mix things up a bit and see what I can do with grip wax. It will be my first race this season not double poling.

Because these are just training races, Today’s training continues with a 1.5hr classic this afternoon. 20160102_120831

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