Stage 3 – Quebec City Sprint

After a pretty unlucky second stage, today completely made up for it. The Sprint course set for today was incredibly challenging. Any 1.8km sprint is tough, however when you factor in most of the rest being in the first part of the lap, it becomes a very hard thing to pace well. I was stressed trying to work out how I was going to avoid completely flooding myself with lactic acid on the last climb, but in the end it was good to just have the key focus on skiing as open, powerful and efficient as possible.


I managed to achieve my best ever sprint result on World Cup placing 69th and just 18 seconds back over a 3min 30 winning course. In terms of percentage of field and percentage behind the win, it was a new achievement for me and I’m very happy to have found some good speed in my legs! The skis were absolutely perfect which of course is always a help. So huge thanks to Randy and the support crew that we have here along with Atomic for supplying me with quality equipment to work with.

Tomorrow is most likely the toughest stage of the tour to get through. It’s a pursuit start 16km skate and I will start in the 5min wave. This means we will have somewhere around 4mins of time loss up our sleeve before getting lapped off and pulled out of the tour. But I’m going into this with completely positivity! My shape is only getting better and I have a support crew behind me to create some of the best skis on track! I’ll work harder than anyone out there tomorrow to stay in this race.

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