Too Cold to Race.

Today, I was glad to have made the decision yesterday to not race the sprint. Today the skis cleared and temperatures dropped further just shortly after the prologue meaning that the heats had to be cancelled. Racing distance races is tough in those temperatures, but sprinting just shreds your lungs even when temperatures are only a little under zero, let along 20 under!

Callum Smith (British Ski Team) feeling concerned that he hasn't put his sunscreen on. It's a rare sight for a Brit...

Callum Smith, @callumrsmith92 (British Ski Team) feeling concerned that he hasn’t put his sunscreen on. It’s a rare sight for a Brit…

Going to events of this standard alone is tough and today I found that even more. To prepare the skis to test for classic is a time consuming job, and made even tougher when you have new skis in the mix too! Wax techs are under the pump, and today I was too. It’s frustrating at times when you know that other athletes can simply do their short race prep session then get back inside, warm up and maybe even get a massage. A pretty nice little luxury particularly when it’s -23 degrees C. Meanwhile, I’ve got a 3+ hour job of waxing, testing, cleaning, then race prepping the fastest pair along with doing the race prep that everyone else did. The positive thing to get out of it is that the result will be more mine and mine only. I deserve every little piece of it and that’s exactly how I feel about yesterday’s result.


I should note that this event is outside of the National Team’s schedule and was therefore my own choice to undergo it unsupported. This schedule suited me best and so far I think it’s gone pretty well and was certainly the right decision! Tomorrow has been shortened to a 16km Classic, however I’m still excited to see what I can do on the challenging course.

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